Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh WOW I'm a Bad girl!!

Hi guys!  So so sorry about the year's absence!!  :(  Honestly I just forgot!  Well lets get everyone caught up on our life, K?, K!

  Nope, still no human children.  Yep at this point it is mostly from stubbornness! We will try when WE are ready and NOT when EVERYONE else thinks we are!  (sorry, bit of a touchy subject, Can ya tell?)
  We have our four beagles, one inside kitty & one outside kitty.  Monsters the lot of 'em!!  heehee
  Ummm.....honestly guys nothing exciting has happened with us.  Well Neal did get moved to a different department so now he has a lot more stability in the fact we don't have to worry about him being laid off anytime soon.  Me on the other hand, well my time could be coming soon, but we are not going to dwell on that!

I am going to try to get some reviews up soon as well as a couple of recipes!!  Hope everyone out there in cyber-land is doing quite well!

Love ya'll!!

Macaylah Rose Carver, over a year old and will be a perpetual
kitten.  Seriously, she looks like she is about 4 months old now!!

Mr. Stumpy, our outside kitty!  He is a bobtail
hence the name!
Miss Madee in her favorite perch, she Loves to look out the window & bark at pretty much Anything that may amble by!