Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new start!

Ok, so I know I'm not the only one out there who religiously reads several different beauty blogs. I'm stating this by looking at the number of followers on the mulitple blogs I read. So I've decided to throw my hat out there too. First of all I'll give you a little background...I LOVE makeup! True most days I don't put any on, but still, its a great love of mine. (Yes, I'm the one who must buy the newest coolest trend just to have it! lol) I would Love to become a makeup artist, but unfortunately do not live in an area where this profession would be condusive to my income. (In other words, there is no way I'd make any $ from this! lol) But way back when in high school I did my friends makeup on a routine basis. I loved it! I didn't do out makeup for prom, but did pick out all the colors for each of us (4 in total all getting ready together @ a friend of a friend's house where she did our makeup and hair for free! She was awesome & can't even remember her name!:() But for all of our chorus concerts & competitions, pageants, big dates, & dances I was it! lol I also did my own makeup for my wedding. In which you'll see below. I believe I did a pretty good job considering I literally didn't go to sleep until about 1:30 the night before & woke up @ 3:00! So just consider this my 1st beauty blog. I will try to get a couple of pics up of various looks I've done! Hope ya'll like it, please feel free to comment!