Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to work...

So I am now back at work after my wonderful 5 straight days off. But you know the problem with that? I REALLY didn't want to come back today! On the bright side though by the end of the week I'll have an almost new (well new to me anyway) washer and dryer! Yah! Considering the ones that we have now are probably as old as we are, Seriously. A lady that works for my aunt is moving and their new house has a brand new set, so she is selling us her old ones for the completely ridiculous price of...$50! For both! Again I'll say Yah! I know this may not seem like such a big deal to a lot of people, but its pretty darn exciting for us, well me anyway. And I found out today that our cousin and his fiance are expecting a little girl. So very exciting as well. More babies to play with! But oddly, no this does not make me want to have one yet. I am still perfectly content with my furry, four-legged children, who got a beautiful new bed pillow this past week. It really is pretty and even matches our bedroom decor. Its actually just one of those huge pillows instead of an actual bed. We, well again I, are trying to make Bo and Daisy believe that they don't have to sleep on the bed with us. Considering we only have a queen sized bed. Daisy of course thinks it is completely for her and tends to hog it, but she finally let Bo sleep on it with her. Hopefully they will both consider this the best idea. That way if I do get the king-sized bed I am going to ask for for christmas, Neal and I will have tons of room! Especially since I found one at Sam's last thursday that I really want! Ok, thats 'bout it for now, if anything interesting happens, I'll let you know!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Season is over!

The deadline is finally here! As of 5 o'clock today I am off for 5 days straight! I'm so happy! I made it thru my first tax season at an accountant's office w/out killing anyone or worse. I plan on cleaning house for the next couple of days and hopefully getting it to look half-way presentable. So all of you out there, have a great couple of days!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Thank goodness its sunny again! Which means, time for Neal to start fishing regularly and going to play golf with his new clubs and fancy shoes I bought him. He's been really sweet to me this week. Probably because I've had horrid headaches almost everyday getting home, simply because of the rain. I am a walking barometer! No seriously. My head goes completely wacky when the pressure changes. He cooked dinner a couple of nights and on wednesday, he went to Academy to buy some wood for smoking and bought me 2 georgia shirts. And he even almost bought one of those really nice enameled cast iron dutch ovens. I have been wanting one for such a long time. Yes, I really am a weird woman. Most of the time I'd rather get some kind of cooking appliance or cookbook or regualr book than any of the other traditional wifely gifts. I love to cook. And no that does not mean bake. I admit it and if my grandmother were still alive she'd probably pop me upside the head w/a beater from her mixer, but I just don't like to bake. One thing is the fact that I'm not a big sweet person. Never have been actually. I almost never finish a candy bar or cookie. Now I do get cravings for the double-doozies at American Cookie Company, but who doesn't? :) Neal actually does more baking than I do. But anyway. Life is just moving right along. Nothing really that new or interesting going on. Although I have decided to quit whining about things so much. Personally I hate whiners, and refuse to listen to them. So when I went back and read some past things I've written, I realized you can only vent for so long before you just turn into a huge whiney butt. So no more (hopefully).
I can't wait until tomorrow. The annual folk festival in Danielsville starts at 1. Mom C. and I are going. Like mostly always. I have to be good though. I can't go and buy a bunch of jewelry like I generally do. I love it 'cause unlike everyone else who has to find a parking spot, I just walk across the street from my house! Love it! Ok, I guess I've rambled for long enough. Its just about time to blow this joint for the weekend! Praise God! So ya'll have a great one!