Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nutra-Nail Gel polish!

Review time loves! Now first off, SORRY no pictures! My camera, which I have loved since the day I bought it, has finally decided to die. Well...partially, half the time it will not turn on & others the flash will not work, its just crazy. So I know that this is kinda a sucky post without pictures, but I'll try to give you the info you need anyway! K? K!

I purchased the Nutra Nail Gel polish in Moonstone & tried it out that night. Now what is it? Its a "gel polish" that you DO NOT have to "cure" with a UV light. Supposed to dry pretty much immediately, dry Very shiny, and last up to 10 days (I believe).

First the color: Moonstone-Beautiful dusty blue with small micro shimmer glitter. (best way I know to describe it lol) Put it this way, its Purrty ya'll! lol

From what I could tell & going off my previous experience of trying to do my on nails at home with acrylic kits, this essentially is the "gel" from those kits that you paint on the color while this is still wet, and Voila! your "uv-free gel polish". Problems-I could not get a nice opaticity built up for this, but luckily it was a beautiful color on the slightly sheer side. I did end up with "globs" of extra gel along the edges of my nails (total application error on my part). Did it dry immediately? Yes! I love that part of it seriously! It was very shiny & only a slight gritty texture felt even with three coats.

Now on to the lasting part- this did not last very long on me, BUT I also put it thru its paces! Long story short: my house is over 100 yrs old LITERALLY & with winter coming on, we had some mice, as I know everyone else gets as well. Cleaned out the ENTIRE pantry & kitchen & put Everything back nice and organized. I noticed a chip Sunday morning while fixing breakfast & by about 1:30 that afternoon I had peeled it almost all the way off of all my fingers. Now to remove this they say either buy their little remover packs (basically a sponge with acetone in a little pouch) or soak a cotton pad in pure acetone wrap around fingernail & top with foil. I'm impatient so I just held the pad on my fingers, but it worked ok.

Final thoughts: Did I like this? Yes! I think this would be perfect if you had something to do "fancy" for the night & wanted a fast easy good-looking mani. Its comes in about 12 or so colors, ranging from very sheer pink to dark vampy burgundy purple ( very pretty shade by the way). BUT...THE PRICE!!! $11.99 @ my local Rite-Aid is a little too much even if there is a $1.50 off coupon on the display. $10.49 is still too much for me to spend on a polish at a drugstore. $8.00 for Essie hurts my heart sometimes, but lets face it we can't live without Essie can we? lol So overall I think this would work for someone who needed a quick fix good mani for a fancy evening, but for everyday, just not sure.