Friday, August 12, 2011

I am a woman, I'm Not happy about my weight...

As per the title, lets get real, ALL of us are Not happy about Something in association with our body. This applies for men as well as women. *Remember that the man in your life could be just as unhappy with the way he looks too.* Now this is just me and what I am trying to do to make myself healthier (& of course look better!lol). Let us look back to high over 10 years for me! lol Anywho, I was I guess what you would call "skinny" in high school. I'm a bit above average height for a woman & in HS I was a size 0/3. Now this is not taking into account the fact that the Bootie was there even then, (seriously I was know as "the girl with the best Ass!" no lie! lol) but my abs were a completely toned six pack, my arms all nice & chiseled & my legs while being a little bigger than others (soccer, biking, roller skating & horse back riding will give you AWESOME legs TRUST me!) they were very toned & looked HOT! lol ok maybe not HOT but they looked good. Now you may ask "what did you do to stay in shape?" NOT work out that I can tell you! lol You see I HATE to work out. If it seems remotely like it may be a "workout" I ain't doing it my dear! But there was something else I did ALL the time that I have now concluded kept me looking good. Dancing! Not ballet, but I do throw that in sometimes, but I'm talking dancing around the kitchen, living room, bedroom like a fool & loving it! You see I love music of all kinds and genres; example: I have right now in my kitchen on top of the radio
1. 2 Celtic Woman cds
2. Evanescense
3. Elvis
4. Several Old school rap cds from my HS days
5. 1 of my Disturbed cds (I have them ALL)
6. Muse
7. Several of those "variety" classical cds that you can find @ Target near the greeting cards

So you see I have to have music around me. I have proven to my boss that with music playing in my office or the back room where I reign I get at least 50% more work done in a shorter amount of time. But anyway back to dancing & me losing weight. I do not eat super healthy, but I'm not munching on crazy fried foods all the time either. I would say I'm an average person who likes my bad stuff with the good stuff thrown in. I've recently cut out a LARGE portion of pepsis that was my go to drink. & by just doing that I noticed a difference within 3 wks. But to help it along I've decided to get back to doing what I love to do & will get me looking sexy again. lol There is no rhyme or reason, just MOVE!!! Do this to start & I promise you will feel something: Get a Michael Jackson cd or download it to your mp3 player of choice. Lets face it, you HAVE to dance when you hear his music, right? Now if you have carpet in your house set it up to vacuum, seriously stay w/me now. I personally pop that cd into the surround sound system, crank it up & LET. IT. GO!!!! You see if you are dancing around your house like you think you are going to be the next broadway star or video star WHILE vacuuming, you are getting 2 things done at once plus when you switch arms pushing the vacuum, along with swinging your arms like a monkey, you are working those as well! Plus almost anyone can do this no matter your age. Put on some old Elvis, & baby swing those hips! Good Luck to ya & I'll see around the next turn!! XXOO