Friday, April 3, 2009


Thank goodness its sunny again! Which means, time for Neal to start fishing regularly and going to play golf with his new clubs and fancy shoes I bought him. He's been really sweet to me this week. Probably because I've had horrid headaches almost everyday getting home, simply because of the rain. I am a walking barometer! No seriously. My head goes completely wacky when the pressure changes. He cooked dinner a couple of nights and on wednesday, he went to Academy to buy some wood for smoking and bought me 2 georgia shirts. And he even almost bought one of those really nice enameled cast iron dutch ovens. I have been wanting one for such a long time. Yes, I really am a weird woman. Most of the time I'd rather get some kind of cooking appliance or cookbook or regualr book than any of the other traditional wifely gifts. I love to cook. And no that does not mean bake. I admit it and if my grandmother were still alive she'd probably pop me upside the head w/a beater from her mixer, but I just don't like to bake. One thing is the fact that I'm not a big sweet person. Never have been actually. I almost never finish a candy bar or cookie. Now I do get cravings for the double-doozies at American Cookie Company, but who doesn't? :) Neal actually does more baking than I do. But anyway. Life is just moving right along. Nothing really that new or interesting going on. Although I have decided to quit whining about things so much. Personally I hate whiners, and refuse to listen to them. So when I went back and read some past things I've written, I realized you can only vent for so long before you just turn into a huge whiney butt. So no more (hopefully).
I can't wait until tomorrow. The annual folk festival in Danielsville starts at 1. Mom C. and I are going. Like mostly always. I have to be good though. I can't go and buy a bunch of jewelry like I generally do. I love it 'cause unlike everyone else who has to find a parking spot, I just walk across the street from my house! Love it! Ok, I guess I've rambled for long enough. Its just about time to blow this joint for the weekend! Praise God! So ya'll have a great one!

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