Monday, August 3, 2009


Time is just flying by! It is already August and I can't believe it. My niece and nephews start school this Thursday. One very exciting piece of news is that our cousin Paul and his fiance Allyson are getting married this Friday. I'm going to be the official wedding photographer so I won't really get to enjoy the wedding, but I hope they like the pictures I get. Melody and Chad just announced to everyone that they are expecting baby no. 3 in Feb. I really hope that he/she comes on Neal and David's b-day, he would be so excited. Still no talk of babies for us yet, just the 3 monsters that I call my own right now. But any-who. Let us see...well nothing else is going on right now, just working and praying that they don't decide to downsize Neal's dept at work. So ya'll have a great one and say a prayer for us!

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