Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok so, as we all know we are smack-dab in the middle of tax season. I work at a CPA's office. I.E., my life is INSANE right now. Plus when you add that I am playing driver for my sister and her kids everyday, so for the last 2 week s I've been working 4 9hr days, a 7hr day, PLUS at least a 5hr Saturday! This week I have 48 1/2hrs! Just wanted to give you a tiny insight.
So Saturday night when we get home from Mom & Dad's house my Mom calls @ 10:01pm. Very odd, so I call her right back. She tells me that my 53yr old cousin had a mild heart attack. He had a cath done and actually came home Wed. So I'm assuming that everything is fine, haven't heard anything weird and was planning on going over to see them this weekend AFTER I get off work Sat. Last night I find out that they are now pissed at me b/c I haven't been over and haven't called. Ok, I admit, I should have called, but figured that everyone was just a little on edge and really didn't feel like talking. Oh, did I mention that my cousin's best friend was down until Wed as well? You have to know that these are the cousins who I can't ever figure out if they like me or not. Honestly, the longest I've been in the same room w/them in last 2 yrs was at Christmas for about 30 min talking. Generally when I walk over from my mom's house they are back in their room and don't come out OR if they are in the living room, go back to their room. I've told you before my family IS NOT a happy, huggy family. You're lucky to get a passing Hi! So now I have people pissed at me when I thought I was doing the right thing by leaving them alone until things calmed down some. OH YEAH! Did I mention that I don't even get home until 6pm every night & then have to fix dinner, wash clothes, & try to wash dishes since the plumbing in our house is going crazy. The bathtub is VERY slow to drain & if you wash anything in the kitchen it backs up in the bathtub. Great right? Then you add in the fact I'm worrying about how to come up with the $ we owe for taxes $600! to the state plus we're doing estimated tax pymts of $500 every qtr. Which adds up to me getting together $1100 before April 15th.
So on the off chance that my cousins do read this (which I believe is HIGHLY unlikely) I'm sorry that you felt I didn't care about you and what was going on. I do and did! I just figured ya'll might want some quiet time together and since let's face it ya'll aren't exactly nice to my mom (who YES!!!! I know is a difficult woman, better than ANY of you will know) I didn't tell her to tell ya'll anything cause I wasn't sure if you were speaking to her. But DON'T worry, from now on any and every little blip that happens I'll just come running & when I bug the CRAP out of you by being around when you just want to spend time as a "close" family, ya'll can then explain to me that you appreciate the enthusiasm, but would like to be left alone.
Ok, I got all that out, but still feel like crap because I just don't like having people angry w/me, probably something to do with that whole abusive ex thing. You know, that kinda thing sticks with a person for the rest of their lives. (BTW...don't think I ever got ANY kind of comfort, phone call, email or even a freaking smoke signal when I finally told everyone what had been going on? Hmmm....Interesting don't ya think?)

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