Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yes the word of the day/week is "Discouraged".  This one word can describe my attitude, feelings & thoughts of this week.  Now I won't go into the entire long lament so that you (whoever you may be) can roll your eyes & say "Get over it!"  That isn't the purpose of this post.  My purpose to hopefully help someone else out there who may themselves be feeling discouraged this week.  I pray that God will shine a light on your dark days & lift what burdens are pressing you down until you feel as if you may never stand upright again.  I say this because I believe it is better to pray for your brother or sister before you pray for yourself.  Many of us know people who have no problem praying for others, but never feel worthy enough to pray for themselves, so hopefully my little prayer for you before praying for myself will ENCOURAGE you!  I also pray that God will show me his purpose 'cause I know he has one or I wouldn't be going thru this much stuff at once.  I pray that he will lift my burdens away & fill me peace that only he can give.  I truly hopes this brings a spot of light to your day & please know that even though you don't feel worthy of love & prayers, there is someone out there who thinks you are worthy & I do love you even if I do not know you, nor will ever know you. 

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