Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have you ever found yourself so tired of the run-around people give you that you just no longer care? I believe I have come to that point in my life. When did things as mundane as being friends with people become so competitive? For those of you who don't know, two of our "best friends" have decided that no longer do they want to be friends with us, which in itself is sad, but acceptable. But now it seems they have decided that they must try and take any and all other friends we had and turn them against us. This actually has been going on for a while, but escalated in the very short past. I have heard from multiple sources that apparently we are the cause of this. Very funny in fact when you have all the facts. Like isn't it weird that another friend of ours called Neal asking him if he wanted to go fishing, we were in town, so Neal told him that they would try and go later in the week. Said friend was completely cool with this and decided to call the "best friend" to ask him. Well apparently he was at work, but told said friend that he shouldn't ask Neal, because he never takes anyone fishing and only wants to go when it is to some other place. And apparently also some other things were said, but I do not have all the details. Odd! I say this is odd because from the picture "best friend" is painting, Neal and I are only the type of people who only do things to benefit ourselves. Never mind that we stored almost all of their belongings while they were living with someone else and Neal even helped load and unload everything they brought to our house. Plus very odd is the fact that "best friend" won't ever take Neal to his "special" fishing place b/c once when they went, Neal caught a bigger fish. How childish! Ok, just had to get that out before I vented to these people themselves and later felt bad about it. I know, I know, I shouldn't let it bother me or make me feel bad, but that is how I am made. I know no one that I know reads this, because if so, well I'd probably have some hate mail by now. But thanks to whoever is bored enough to read about our life problems!

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