Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am truly baffled by some people. I can't go into details in any way shape or form, but needless to say a friend of mine is going thru a very hard time right now and the ex is only making matters worse on her. Why is it that some people can truly lie to your face that they want you to be happy, but under it all they don't. Nevermind the fact that said person has had someone on the side for a bit and it has progressed. Truly, undeniably crazy. And no this isn't about me or Neal, we are fine, I promise. I just hate to see someone I love going thru so much crap for nothing. Also how can someone who has known you on a very intimate level for a very long time no truly know you? I know EXACTLY how Neal would/does react to almost anything that happens. Although maybe thats just us and we share things w/each other a lot more. Don't know, and at this point, don't care except for there are so many other people and factors in this that its really going to messy when it blows. And yes, I say "when" not "if", because its going to and very soon, and I might not like it, but I might end up hurting someone's feelings.

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